SoundSmith Rega combo

Hi all, new to the forum,
  I’m considering a SoundSmith “Carmen” for my P6, wondering if anyone here has done this, if so, do you need a shim/spacer and what alignment did you use?
 Thanks, Paul
I had a P3 with a 3mm spacer playing a Dynavector 10X5, this improved dynamics and allowed a little more forward rake, that allowed the cartridge to sit just is incredible when you find synergy with a tonearm and cartridge! Dynavectors work very well on Rega arms and sound very lively. If you end up using a high spacer over 3mm’s you’ll need to get a low slung counterweight, so you can close the dust cover! :-)

P.S. Im sure the SS’s are awesome as well

Matt M
Thanks Matt, hoping to not having use a spacer and don’t want to change the counter weight 
Take a look at these links

The effective mass for the tonearm on the P3 in the database states 11.5 gm

The cartridge Compliance appears to have two values 22 and 28 uN - I’m not sure what the really means - are there two versions available for order?

The P3 arm has an effective mass of 11.5
The Cartridge has a weight of 6.8 grams + mounting hardware - provided the total does not exceed 8 gm

Using the evaluator, from the resulting chart it would appear the the 22uN would be suitable for the arm - it’s just in the green

It would appear the 28uN version would not be suitable

The Irox Blue might be a better match

My Audiomods arm that uses a rega arm tube  has a list of compatible cartridges - see 

I just hope I've read everything correctly - Steve

Thanks for the links Steve, I heard from Peter himself and says, may not need it. Im gonna go ahead and order the Cart, I think it will make the best synergy/balance for the P6, I don’t really want to go to MC cart at this stage
Hi guys. When a 3mm spacer is installed on a 2016 Planar 3, will the lid be able to close?
I agree that no spacer is needed. I used a Rega RP-6 and Soundsmith Boheme, and sounded best without it. The Carmen and Boheme have similar cart shapes/sizes.
Update: I was advised by my retailer that whilst its possible to fit the "Carmen" to a Rega arm its fiddly, you do infact need a spacer, if you want to close the lid (which I do) you have to get the Tungsten counter weight, also if the rake angle needs to be adjusted, you need to use fine slivers of business card or some such, (the rake angle advice came from Peter Ledermann himself) my retailer has been doing this for 30 plus years, so I listened to his advice and went with the Ania cart for now, Im gonna save for a TT that has adjustable tonearm height, in the meantime I have a P6/Ania combo to tie me over, hope this helps
ppaul. While I don't want to disrespect your dealer or Peter Lederman for that matter, use your own ears to judge. Turntables are finicky beasts. I don't claim to be a analogue guru, but I have been at this hobby for over 45 years. You want to make a real difference in your analogue listening experience?   Go get yourself a Well Tempered Labs Amadeus Mk II  'table. Much better than the Rega. And still fairly affordable. IMO.
mr_m, that TT you recommend cost $4000 with NO cart here in Australia my P6/Ania was $2600 hardly a fair comparison, something that’s costs double would want to sound better wouldn’t it? 
ppaul. I didn't know you live in Australia. Once in a while there are current versions of the Well Tempered 'table on Audiogon. I was lucky enough to find a current Mk. II there used, for a good price. As I said, I have owned both the Rega RP-6 and now WT. Used both with a current Soundsmith cart. I won't down play cart alignment/adjustment BUT you shouldn't fret over rake angle so seriously. These kind of things can make you doubt your own hearing and take the fun out of listening. As always, let your ears be the judge. WT makes another 'table one notch down from the Amadeus called the Simplex. Which is for all intents and purposes a slightly stripped down version of the Amadeus for about $1k less. But does not lack for performance. WT will give you all the adjustments you need without spacers or other devices. You asked about Soundsmith carts and I gave you my opinion. It is totally up to you for whatever direction you want to take.
Thanks Tim, in my updated post I stated that I was gonna “save for a TT that has adjustable tonearm height” so a new table is coming just a couple years away, and indeed it will be based around a SoundSmith Carmen