SoundSmith re-tip

I'm planning on sending out my Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood for a repair, due to a slight twist/bend to the cantilever. My first inclination is to go with the stock level of repair (aluminum cantilever, nude elliptical diamond). This seems to be closest to the original design.

This cart will be mounted on a Satisfy arm/ Marantz TT. Any thoughts on going with one of the more elaborate re-tips (Ruby cantilever, contact line stylus)? What might I expect to gain or change by going this route?
Dear Roblanger: That's was exactly what I made with my Virtuoso. Sounsmith make very good job on r-tipping cartridges.

regards and enjoy the music.

Did you go with the standard re-tip or the Ruby?

Thanks :)
Dear Roblanger: The standard, I like to be near the original. You can choose the Ruby and then you will have a different cartridge performance.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I had my Clearaudio Aurum Beta S re-tip by SoundSmith with the Ruby cantilever, contact line stylus it made a good cartridge great go for ruby contact line stylus.Robert