Soundsmith phono stage?

Does anyone own, or has anyone heard a Soundsmith phono stage?

I am getting ready to order a pair of SS MI cartridges, and their MMP3 MM phono preamp looks like a steal for $299. Peter claims that it sounds pretty good and I would like to think that his amp works well with his own cartridges. I have plenty of other phono stages, but there's always room for one more.
I have the MMP3 and think it's very good. I have it mated with a Clearaudio Maestro cartridge. I do prefer it to the PS Audio phono stage - it sounds more "alive" yet not too forward or strident. Note it does list for $399 (not $299 - that is the MMP2) and can only be used with MM cartridges.
Tasos1 - thanks for your reply. I wrote this before Peter introduced the new versions of his phono stages. I assume that you are partnering the MMP-3 w/ a Soundsmith cartridge? If so, which one? I hope to have the chance to hear the Soundsmith amps in Las Vegas next week.

I am still looking for a small phono stage for a second vinyl system I have upstairs. I would prefer something smaller and quieter than the curent PH-3 I am using now. There are lots of great MM phono stages, but if the Soundsmith products work well thay represent a great value (and I'm cheap... er, frugal).