Soundsmith is not the only game in town.

I sent Andy at my Lyra Helikon for stylus straightening and a complete tune-up. Not only were his fees reasonable but his turnaround time was as promised, less then 2 weeks! Obviously Peter @ Soundsmith is in over his head when it comes to cartridge repair, believe me, I tried. I just wanted to share my experience with Andy. Highly recommended. By the way,the cartridge sounds and performs as new.
Thanks for the recommendation. After a long wait my Helikon returned from SS with a very nice SS OCL diamond and grrrr... a twisted cantilever. I'll give Andy a chance with this one and perhaps another.
They're not the only option. ( ) I highly value experience/expertise.
I just got 3 cartridges back from Andy. Very good work, done in 2 weeks. 2 were retips, one was a wiring repair.Andy was great to work with and his prices reasonable.
Last year I sent my Benz to SS and got it back fast. I went with the ruby option and it sounds better than when new. I have nothing but praise for SS.