SoundSmith Counter Intuitive for VPI tone arms

Anyone using this on your VPI turntable?   
SoundSmith Counter Intuitive for VPI tone arms:

Just looking for user feedback, pros/cons.

Yep, I have it on my Prime and consider it a must have for ease of set up. 
No negatives just positives. 
Any problem getting the “friction fit” to fit properly?   I saw feedback somewhere that said they had to manually sand the inside of the SoundSmith to get it to fit properly?
No issues noted, use one on a 3D arm, a Classic arm and a 9 arm.
The SS CI does what it's intended to do-make fine tuning of the weight easier.

If you aren't experiencing setup issues, use the money to buy more records.

If you're setting up your tonearm/cartridge once, the c/i is not needed at all.  Sure it makes it a bit easier, but the adjustment can be done without it.
The original (thumb screw) counterweight on the VPI 3D arm is not a user friendly design. The Counter Intuitive really makes life easier here. 

From just looking at the newer Fat Boy arms, I see the counterweight has been improved upon. Looks like it's more a pressure fit design on a smooth arm surface. Much nicer!
Yes the CI works very well.  No friction problem here.  Perhaps there was a user who didn't like the normally tight fit.

Even useful, though perhaps not as essential, f you get the dual pivot which I also recommend.
I have a Prime, with the dual pivot and the counterintuitive. Like the person mentioned above, the counterintuitive weight fits very tightly on my standard VPI counterweight (180g? - I’m not near the table right now). I took great pains to make sure that the scale was applied as flatly and evenly as I could, but sliding the weight fore-aft or rotating it is very difficult. I’m not talking snug - I’m talking so hard that it’s difficult to keep the counterweight from moving. Suggestions greatly appreciated!
"I’m not talking snug - I’m talking so hard that it’s difficult to keep the counterweight from moving."

Larryrs- maybe some careful,lite work with fine sandpaper will loosen up the fit of the CI.
Yes. That was referenced earlier and that may ultimately be what I do. Some sort of lubrication was also mentioned but the notion of a lubricant on an exposed surface near the stylus and record doesn’t seem optimal.  
The Counter Intuitive is a slight fix for VPI's dumb move to dropped counter weights on all the arms, after to original round ones on the first version of the JMW arm.

The first VPI arms had a better (independent of VTF, and more fine adjustment) azimuth ring that worked great. 

The latest VPI arms (fat boy) have gone back, to round counterweights and separate azimuth adjustment.