Soundsmith cartridges on Linn LP12 & Sondek arm?

Anyone out there have experience with Soundsmith moving iron cartridges and a Linn LP12 turntable and Ittok LVII tonearm?
I have owned several B&O cartridges, and just took delivery of a Voice Ebony medium compliance, all paired with a Michell Technoarm. Keep in mind that the Soundsmith is based on the B&O. The improvement has been dramatic to say the least and I think that the medium compliance Soundsmith is a better match to my tonearm than the high compliance B&Os. A long time friend and knowledgable audiophile has been using B&O cartidges with Linn Ittok and Basik tonearms with great success. I think that a medium compliance Soundsmith with an Ittok should match up even better than the B&O.
Thanks for your reply. There is a choice between high and medium complaince as well as between 100pf and (optional) 400pf capacitance. Suggestions on the appropriate loading on the latter?
I think that the medium compliance version of the Soundsmith would be required for the Ittok. As for capacitance, this is determined by the phono stage and not by the tonearm. If you are running a standard moving magnet phono stage without cartridge loading adjustments, I suspect that the 100pf option is most sensible. Write to Soundsmith for their advice. I am really not knowledgeable about these matters. Good luck.