SoundSmith cartridges how good?

And how do they compare to others. Forget about cost just thoughts on sonics? Obviously if matched with correct tonearm.

I believe he is the only American making handcrafted cartridges in the United States.

You have to watch this video about another family business in NYC.  
All about cartridges and headphones ! 

Thanx Chakster!  Shoot, Joseph Grado was building cartridges on his dinning room table in the 50's. He invented the moving coil cartridge! He invented the moving iron cartridge. He is as American as they get. 

Thank you for the information. That was enlightening for sure. It truly is an art for anyone that has the skill set to assemble by hand sophisticated cartridges. 
mijostyn...did you know Joe Grado?....   I was a neighbor in Westfield, NJ.   He was so kool tooling around in his Lambo.  I've been at his home/factory many times.  He was one of those who got me interested...I had every one of his top cartridges.  I installed them in my Lab wooden tonearm on his turntable.  Lots of fun in those days.