SoundSmith cartridges how good?

And how do they compare to others. Forget about cost just thoughts on sonics? Obviously if matched with correct tonearm.
To anyone interested, and it’s even tempting for me. Just saw this posted; an old SoundSmith VPI, or, predecessor to the Zephyr. Really good deal IMO.
I own a Sussurro MkII and it's the best sounding cartridge I've owned. got around 3000 hrs on it. It replaced a Dynavector Karat D3. Have a Zephyr MIMC ES waiting in the wings for when I send the Sussurro to be re-tipped.
I have the Zephyr MIMC Star (first version) on a VPI Scout running thru Soundsmith MCP2 MK II preamp and it beats MCs and MMs I have owned (all in the same price range). I have probably 2000 hours so far and it's still going strong. Great performance and the re-tipping service when needed is a real cost benefit. 
@slaw I was thinking of the Sussurro but from some other posters do you think jumping all in for  a SG cartridge would be wiser? Never listened to a SG before. 
It has nothing to do with the sound, but the only small gripe about my Otello (I think it is previous generation, maybe two years or so old now) is the stylus protector. It is trickier to place on than those few from other manufacturers I have tried. Admittedly, I have not tried too many, but even those few were simpler.

Maybe other Soundsmith cartridges have different stylus protector.