SoundSmith cartridges how good?

And how do they compare to others. Forget about cost just thoughts on sonics? Obviously if matched with correct tonearm.
I have an SME tonearm.  I jumped into the expensive end of phono cartridges in the late 90s.  I wore a Koetsu Black down to a nub.  I loved the sound.  Then I tried a Benz.  I loved the sound of it too and wore it down to a nub as well.  I still have their carcasses planning to have them rebuilt someday.  I have the Soundsmith Zephyr Star ES now.  Absolutely love it best of all.  The tracking is perfect from beginning to end.  Sound is great and gives me the best from my vinyl.  
I have a brand new Voice but I won't be able to hear it until my turntable shows up. I'll get back after I have had a chance to hear it. I can say that it is beautifully made and all the parameters are right on. I will compare it to Clearaudio and Ortofon cartridges.
My Hyperion is my favorite among several highend cartridges.  It is currently installed in a VPI HW 40, a sublime combination.
Soundsmith is like all the reputable brands discussed here.

I've heard the top of the food chain Straingauge which plays with all the other VERY expensive carts(for le$$), along with several throughout the line. As long as you have a competent supporting cast-table/phonostage, your own ears determine if it's "right" for you.

Added plus is they are rebuildable at a reasonable fee.

I've been using the $400,entry level Otello for awhile. Been  taking a break from $1K+ LOMC's. Does all the things we expect of nice carts, just at a lower level, which is expected. So good, it's been able to temper my urge to get a "proper" cart.
It depends how many decent cartridges you can audition, you can always find a better cartridge.