Soundsmith cartridge, opinions appreciated

Does anyone have any experience or feedback on the Soundsmith SMMC4-ST
cartridge? I am looking for a high compliance cartridge to match with my Pro-ject XpressionIII turntable which has a low effective mass arm. I am running a Denon DL-110 right now and have loved the sound for many years but I think the low mass carbon fiber tone arm may not be the ideal match for the lower compliance Denon. Sounds a little thin on top and doesn't have the bass drive it used to have. Any suggestions, comments, observations are appreciated
The Ortofons and Benzs match up well. The black is very good. I am using the MC-3 turbo on my Xpression III and like it a lot. The Benz Ace is a great performer.

I am thinking of upgrading to the Traveler and the Soundsmiths work great with the VPIs.
Before you run out and get a new cart, have you tried adding mass to your tonearm to better match the cartridge compliance? That's a much easier and less expensive alternative to a new cart.
Bpoletti, thanks for the reply. Question though, I suppose I can add mass with a spacer or weight at the headshell, which might require VTA adjustment which is OK but is it the best solution to add mass in just one spot (headshell) instead of across the entire arm? I added a 1 gram spacer initially but still with same results. I might be over thinking this though.

Sbrownnw- Ortofon is a little higher compliance than the Denon. Was the Benz an upgrade from the Ortofon?
There are lead spacers that are available as well as heavier mountings screws. Sound Smith sells the mounting screw sets made from different materials that allow for the adjustment of mass.

Mass, as seen at the cantilever, can be placed anywhere on the arm. But adding mass at the headshell is more effective than close to the pivot.
The Benz, even though I only heard it briefly at my dealer, is an upgrade from the turbo MC-3.
BTW, just a reminder that if you add mass to the arm remember to reset tracking force.