Soundsmith Boheme impressions

I was wondering if many have used the Soundsmith Boheme cartridge, and if so, what your impressions are of it's sonic signature? Also interested in it's soundstaging qualities. It is said to be the sweet spot in the line, and would be used in a WTT setup. Thank you.
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Just an idea, but you might want to first check out Mapleshade's version of the Boheme first. I got their version of the Otello a few weeks ago, and the improvement over the stock Soundsmith is amazing, and well worth the extra money. I had previously owned the VPI branded Soundsmith cartridge, and it isn't even close to Mapleshade's improved Otello, despite the rather sizable price difference. I can only imagine what the improvement to more expensive Boheme might be!
Do they modify the Soundsmith cartridges themselves or they are sort of custom orders and everything is done by Peter Ledermann of Soundsmith?
Apparently Pierre Sprey of Mapleshade auditions different versions of Soundsmith's cartridges, and then has Peter Lederman of Soundsmith modify these two cartridges to Pierre's specifications. Mapleshade's website goes into some detail regarding the changes. I also had an interesting conversation with one of the people at Mapleshade, and he went into a fair amount of detail regarding all the work that has gone into this project. Not everything Mapleshade sells is a smashing success (though most of the products I've purchased are), but Pierre really knocked one out of the ballpark with this one. This is by far and away the best cartridge I've ever owned regardless of price. It sounds like analog should. Warm, smooth, and naturally detailed. I'd love to hear Boheme version, wow!