Sounds like a $5000 Integrated amp but only $1600

Has anyone listened to the Dussun V8i Integated amp yet?
To be honest, I really have no idea what a "$5000 integrated amp" is supposed to sound like.

Would you say that they typically sound demonstrably better than, say, a $4900 integrated amp?

And are you thinking about purchasing an itegrated amp and therefore seeking advice from this community?

Or do you have some sort of commercial affiliation with the "Dussun V8i"?

Just one more it, by any chance, made in China?


I haven't heard it, but I own a Kavent A-210 that I like quite a bit -- it's also from China, so it's probably the same amp with a little different sheet metal and cheaper connecters for only $999.

Some of the Chinese electronics sound surprisingly good.
I auditioned it, and I returned it. Big, warm sound with overemphasis in the lower frequencies and grain in the upper midgrange. It has an "Oh Wow!" factor upon first listen because it sounds big and balsy, but extended listening reveals its flaws and lack of refinement.

It's a $1600 integrated that performs in keeping with its price, IMO.
Here's the hubub regarding this amp:
why would you attack the author if this link is already too well-known to the most of our community?

These guys are in business long time ago and simply do the straight forward marketting...
I feel that Cwlondon is completely out of line with his attack. In the future however, Hifisoundguy, I would advise you to use a question mark in the heading of your post rather than within your post. The Dussun V8i is a very good integrated amplifier. I auditioned it and it is definitely one of the best buys in audio. It is a little to the warm and smooth side but definitely a bargain for it's power and build quality. If it had separate pre-outs to connect a subwoofer I would have kept it.
Foster 9,

As far as I know these chinese guys would customise anything before your purchase...
Hifsoundguy and others

Yes, I was being a little sarcastic and hfsg I apologize if your inquiry was sincere, but your heading did sound a bit like a veiled advertisement.

I am all for good ideas in this hobby and I wouldn't hesitate to buy a chinese component if it seemed well made and offered good value.

Best of luck with this decision


But if you are a dealer or distributor for this product, I stand by every caustic word in my original post.
Marakanetz: I thought it was subwoofer compatible when I purchased it; Since the unit I got had to be shipped from China it took what seemed like forever for me to get it. And as you put it, "these chinese guys" at least the ones at Dussun, will not just customize whatever you want as far as I know. Although, based on my recommendation to the distibutor and his recommendation to Dussun they will likely add a seperate pre-out for use with a subwoofer to increase the marketability of the unit. Of course, I recently read that you can put an outboard crossover between the pre out and main in and add a subwoofer that way. But before that I was adviced by knowldegeable audiophiles that putting anything in the signal between the pre out and main in would result in sonic degradation.
Not connected with this company in any way
Geez, can we dispense with the xenophobia here?
I doubt any of you own any components that do not have at least some sourced parts or some assembly offshore.

It is a global economy and if you don't like it, start electing some people that will require better world labor law standards before we agree to import the products.
You can't have it both ways.