Sounds gets a little fuzzy with high vocals

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help -- I have totem sttafs with primaluna classic thru the 8ohm input and was listening to joni Mitchell blue album both on vinyl and thru my bluesound using iTunes...with the highest pitches of her voice (like the song River) the sound seems to get a little fuzzy like static-ey...does anyone know if this is the recording or if something is wrong with my setup? I have had this setup about 5/6 months and this is the first time I am noticing something off with it... Please help, let me know if I can provide anymore info...

Reduction is your friend :)  First, is it both speakers, or one? If just one, switch cables.  Does the problem move with the connection? If so it's electronics.  

If it's in both speakers, try a different pair of speakers.  Same problem? Electronics again. 

It's possible something in your electronics is off, as well as perhaps a damaged speaker driver.