i just moved into an apartment, no one below me so they wont hear my music. BUT the people to the right (wall) can hear everything.and i can hear them talk & yell. whats the easiest & cheapest way to fix this?? the walls seemed pretty solid when i checked them befor moving in but i guess there not
The problem is that the wall is too solid. Vibrations on one side pass straight through to the other. You need to physically decouple your wall from theirs, which will not be cheap or easy. You could build another wall that is not attached to the present wall, but this makes no sense in an apartmet due to the excessive cost.

You need to either:

A. move, or
B. just crank it up so you can't hear them. Of course that will get you evicted, which brings us back to solution A.

I must agree with Herman. I even replaced the cheap insulation in my condo walls with 3M and it did not help that much. I have never really found any good advice on such a problem.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
Go to a hardware center, buy some cork tiles (thicker the better), use construction adhesive to attach them to the offending wall. Do all of the wall, don't leave any areas uncovered ('cept for electrical plugs and other fixtures of course). Worked for me in my office.
You need to live in an apt or condo that has a FIREWALL between each unit... that's the only way. I can't deal with apts. but even in my house the walls are not insulated enough because even from two houses down the idiot that loves to crank up boom-boom music in his pickup truck while he washes or works on it in his driveway comes right thru my walls..irritating... to get away from noise you need to be a millionaire and buy 20 acres and live in the middle of it.
Xiekitchen says it best! Wow, what a diverse "musical" world we live in.
thanks for the (no) help guys. time to play loud music to drown their voices..
what if i hang a rug on the wall???
When I lived in an apartment I had the same problem so I got some blue hard foam insulation (it was 2 inches thick and 4x8 ft sheets)and made a wall. I covered both sides with quilting material and then covered the side facing into the room with a very dense material from the cheap bin at the local fabric store. The new wall fit snuggly in place with about a two inch air pocket between it and the original wall. It held in place because I made sure the side walls and ceiling made a snug fit. It blocked out most of the sound going through that wall. Another thing I did was decouple the speakers from the floor using cork material plus a hockey puck as feet under the speakers. I was able to crank up the volume and never had a complaint in the two years I lived there. It was relitively cheap on the front end and the new tenent liked it so much she paid me exactly what it cost me.

It takes a little time to measure it and put everthing together but remember it's all for the joy of listening and enjoying the music.
hi bruno, where do i find 2" thick 4x8 blue foam? do you have to screw the 4x8 into the wall??