Soundmarkt Berlin Germany

Has anyone completed a transaction of any kind fro soundmarkt ,Berlin ,Germany ? Great prices on speakers ,amps ( Mac) 
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Found one scam alert on them on the web.  They deal in wiring money for purchases only for overseas buys, so be very, very careful.
Don't buy!!! It's totally scam!!!
Yes,I figured it probably was and sure as hell was not going to do a wire transfer .
my original post was 1-16-17 and they are still available online ( B&w 800d1) for 6400$ plus 400$ shipping .LOL !! 

This site is a total SCAM don't  even think about it.

This is a total scam. 
Super Scam,run away as fast as you can.

please, what measures or actions have been taken towards soundmarkt? I write from Italy, he also cheated me. I sent a bank transfer of 5000 eurospital  on September 11th to Claudiu Dumitru Cobei, the iban is from a bank in Ireland, then it disappeared.