is a scam website, be aware !

Hi agoners,

This is to report the website  is a scam and they are cheating peoples. They posting lot of high priced audio gears at very attractive price but their given showroom address, telephone and everything is fake, not real, not found. They requested oversea buyer to remit money to a bank account under Spanish company named Homeaway Investment Transport via a Spainish banking account.
Email conversation is perfect and very convincible.
Website is designed very well and look very reliable.
However my friend in Berlin come to the showroom address to find them and found no showroom there, it actually in dangerous Turkish living block and no body around know about this showroom.
Cant contact by telephone. My friend is cheated for money transfer by them just recently, so be aware and stay away !
NEVER buy from foreign dudes!!
Anything in Spain should be as much of a red flag as Nigeria, and as ebm said, avoid the foreign dudes. 
I´m living in Spain.
That proves it!