Soundlab M-3 vs Dynastat...

I desperately need some good advice on differences between these Soundlab models. The issue is room size, but I don't want to compromise either. I have read several good things about the M-2. Finally, I was going to buy Audio Physic Virgos; I have heard them, and like them very much. But they are possibly more critical to set up. Though, I have always believed an electrostatic speaker(could be) special. I have a (smallish) average size room and medium hi-end electronics, e.g. CJpre-amp; and Aragon power. Thanks
The Dynastat (and other modern hybrids)is very good but there is nothing as seamless as a full range electrostatic like the M series. A major difference I hear is in their ability to reproduce the full sonority/identity of instruments like cellos and double basses. This ability is unique in my experience and you will recognize it immediately when you play the correct source material. I too like the Virgos very much; the Sound Labs will take you that much closer to the original event. I would contact Duke LeJeune at Audiokinesis - he maybe able to arrange an audition. Let us know how you get on!!
Well golly Ivanj thanks for the recommendation!

Okay there are several significant differences between the M-3's and the Dynastats. First off, the M-3's are much less efficient, and a much more difficult load. I would suggest 200 watts minimum for the M-3's; you can get by with 1/5th that on the Dynastats. And I don't know if this matters to you or not, but the Dynastats are six feet tall, whereas the M-3's are only five foot seven. The result is for someone my height (five sixish) when I stand up I lose the highs with the M-3's, but they're still there with the Dynastats. My listening habits are somewhat eccentic (sometimes involving dancing and twirling - all while fully clothed, of course), so losing the highs when you stand up might not matter as much to you.

The Dynastats will go deeper in the bass, but the M-3's will have superb articulation and coherence top-to-bottom.

I have a customer who spent quite a bit of time with the Dynastats. He has also owned Quad 988's and 989's, as well as Martin Logan Odysseys. He said the Dynastats were the best of the bunch, and the smoothest (he really doesn't like harshness). He now has the Sound Lab Millennium-2's in his living room, the next step up from the M-3's. He
tells me the Dynastats were nice, but simply not in the same league as the full range M-2's.

I hope this gives you useful information.

Now for the bad news. In my experience Aragon amplifiers do not match well with Sound Labs. The combination tends to be edgy. Obviously with the Dynastats you'd have more amplifier choices, but with the M-2's the InnerSound ESL amp would be my first recommendation in something (hopefully) affordable that would also sound very good and have plenty of power. I really gotta tip my hat to Roger Sanders of InnerSound (whose speakers the Sound Labs compete against) - he has designed an excellent amplifier for driving the speakers I sell. He is also a true gentleman.

I can put you in touch with an M-3 owner and one or two Dynastat owners, if you'd like. And, from time to time I can hook you up with used or demo Sound Labs - drop me a line if you're interested.

Best of luck to you.