SOUNDLAB Dynamat in the transformer/crossover box?

Hello, I've used Dynamat in many applications with my audio gear/racks/platforms to dampen resonance and I'm wondering if anyone has used it inside of the wooden box that Sound Lab uses to house the transformer/crossover for their speakers. I have the M-1PX speakers. Thank you for all constructive comments.
Isn't Dynamat optimized for damping metal? NoRez was developed specifically to damp MDF speaker enclosures.
Thanks Bdp24 I wasn't aware of that product. Unfortunately it's a little tight in the box and the additional thickness of the foam may not work, but I will check it out. Thanks for your help.
Keith, the foam portion of NoRez is for absorbing acoustic energy, the layer under the foam for mechanical. You can cut off the foam if you need or want.
B - yes, I considered doing that - taking the foam off, but I went ahead and went with the Dynamat. Thanks for your input though.
I put 25 lb. bags of lead shot on top of my backplates. Damps resonances and most electronic/magnetic emissions, if any. Plus you can remove them easily.