Soundlab A-3 summer biasing ?

Hi, here in Italy the summer is coming. Humidity is increasing every day and temp. as well.
Fine, isn't ?
In your experience and I am talking to persons as Alanporter, Duke, etc etc, how I should behave ?
It seems that with the higher humidity the bias need to be increased; is this right ?
Wouldn't be more risky to follow and increase it due to higher humidity possible discharge ?
In other words shall i leave the bias as dry time ?
In higher humidity conditions you may need to increase the bias, carefully please. I would do so gradually over the course of a few days or weeks rather than all at once, each time allowing the bias to stabilize.

It's good that Sound Lab provides this adjustment feature rather than bias being fixed, but it's best to be cautious.

Best of luck!

You might also consider a de-humidifier...or a Pina Colada!!!