SoundLab A-1 vs Martin Logan CLS IIz's

I love my tweaked Martin Logan CLS IIz's with 2 Vandersteen 2wq subs.. But I've come across a local pair of SoundLab A-1's for a decent price. Before I take the plunge, I wanted to get some feedback from people who have heard both, or have compared these speakers. What about the low end? Would I use the Vandersteens with the Sound Labs....or would they be redundant and no longer necessesary. My Logans are driven by Innersound 800W monblocks. Would these mate well with the Sound Labs. Truth be told, the WAF may impact on my final decision too...... because my rig is in our bedroom and the Sound Labs are absolute beasts.

I had the same ML speakers with two RH labs subs for several years and also found a good deal on the Sound Labs A1. I can assure you that you will never regret this move, as the SL does everything so much better and you won't even think about those subs again. I'm using JC-1 monoblocks, but know the Innersound has had good reports mated with these speakers.
Hi Harry,

Sound Lab A-1's are, in my opinion, among the few speakers that are worthy successors to the excellent Martin Logan CLS's. Of course the fact that I'm a Sound Lab dealer does not in any way cloud or bias my opinion.... ;-]

For some movies, the subs would probably be a welcome addition. For music, it's unlikely you'd need 'em except maybe for organ and cannonfire. On normal music, the subs can probably add some headroom in the deep bass region if you listen very loud, but I only have one customers who uses subs with his full-sized Sound Labs.

The InnerSound 800's will certainly drive the Sound Labs well. Once again, the fact that I happen to peddle InnerSound amps does not in any way influence my opinion... ;-)

Depending on how those A-1's are outfitted, at some point down the road you can probably have some upgrades done to them which will make worthwhile improvements.

Best of luck to you!

Hi Harry:

If you decide to do this change, let me know how it turns out for you sonically. Are you considering keep the better of the two speakers, or are you going to sell off your cls's first?

Have you finished your power upgrade yet?

Keep in touch, and thanks for your past help.

duke from wisconsin
Audiokinesis: Thanks so much for your tremendous help. Your knowledge of electrostats is comprehensive and very helpful. Based in our discussion, I think I'll try to find SoundLabs without wooden cores if and when I'm ready to make a switch.

Duke from Wisconsin: I'm glad you've enjoyed the Bybee tweak. Everybody who has done this tweak has agreed that it leads to improvement. I'll keep you posted on my SoundLab vs. ML CLS decision. My power upgrade is in process. I used Running Springs Audio products and the dedicated lines are being run on Tuesday.

You guys are both named Duke!! And you both love electrostats. What are the odds of that??
Harry, my name is Brian but maybe I can offer some help anyway.

As said, CLSes are very good, with Sound Labs being the next and perhaps final step in your quest.

As suggested it is unlikely you would need subwoofers with A-1s unless you're playing stuff with extreme low bass and want the extra impact and headroom. Only two of my customers use subs with their big Sound Labs, and both of their rooms are quite large. Depending upon natural room reinforcement such as may occur in your bedroom, subwoofers could prove unnecessary.

If you purchase the A-1s it will be interesting to hear your thoughts a little while after doing so as to the differences, which I imagine would be profound.

Duke from Wisconsin: One of my customers has done a Bybee tweak to his M-1s, although I haven't heard his setup. It would be interesting to speak with you sometime, and if you come down to the Chicago area by all means stop by for a listen.