Sounding off

Thought I'd take a few minutes and sound off how pleased I am to have stumbled into this site. I had no idea anything like this existed. Technology passed me by years ago and to read some of these articles and see just how far it has advanced I sit here in awe.
Welcome aboard.
Glad to see that you have found us. We look forward to your contributions!
good name Mental you should fit right in!

also try Audio Asylum where you have to be an inmate!
Come on in. You'll catch up in no time.
Feel free to live up to your handle and jump right in.

All the best,
Welcome to a good place for buying gear and sharing information. If you buy, buy wisely.
Welcome. What type of audio components do you listen to?

(PS-I have never had an issue buying or selling on A-gon)
Nice to have you with us, Mental. Make yourself at home.
Hold your praise and enthusiasm until you read more posts / responses!!
How could this crowd have gone so long without a member named Mental?
Welcome Mental, nice of you to introduce yourself. Audiogon is a wonderful site consisting of a lot terrific people who share a passion for the reproduction of music. But that said, I’d like to offer you one heads-up: Audiogon has an event horizon like a black hole. Get too close and you’ll fall in, never to get out. I thought our dear member Tvad got out, but I think I’ve seen him pop up here and there - or maybe it’s just an echo. :-)
"How could this crowd have gone so long without a member named Mental?"

Good question. Maybe it's because the “Mental” part of our names is usually silent but understood. Just as when we say the "United States" instead of the "United States of America”.