Sounded better at Starbucks than my home?

I heard some new music with old, familiar voices at Starbucks, looked at the CD, saw two great, well-respected artists, and one of the best producers. I found a vinyl copy, and placed on my turntable, expecting a great experience. I was very disappointed in the quality of the sound-no highs, nothing dynamic. So, I played some of the records that I purchased in the 70's by the same artists, and those still sounded great. So, my question is, how can professionals with those reputations release such poor quality recording, especially to the vinyl community? And the next obvious question, how do I learn what modern vinyl is worth the premium $30 price, double the CD?
Its made to sound good on a Pod or in the car and far too many in recording refuse to leave a unmolested copy for Vinyl pressing. All you can do is ask before you buy from here and others places.
Just a thought: if you post what this recording was, you'll "save" others from the same plight; plus a message of sorts will eventually get to those producers who are using "modern techniques" that result in the music not sounding as good as it can.
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About naming: I would love to say, but my attorney is very expensive, and I don't think I have ever read a writer post a bad comment about a recording. . Lots of "...die for", but no "I'll never play again" post. If someone with an Audiogon email address replies to encourage me to name the album , I will.
Last time I checked, the first amendment was still in tact (although how much longer...), so I wouldn't worry about the negative post.