SOUNDCRAFTSMEN pro power four

My be any body knows how to bridge Soundcraftsmen Pro Power four from 4 channels to two?? (A+B) to one pair of speakers, or even to one speaker, I do have two same amps. I am trying to get more power from my amp. B&W 802 matrix 2 speakers. Thanks
I'm sorry I just signed up for Audiogon forums. I hope I'm not too late. I just bridged my Pro Power Fours a few months ago. (Two amps into two speakers) I no longer have them bridged. Now I bi-amp them the sound is much better. But I also have a Pro Control Four preamp that has the instructions in the owner manual how to bridge the two. With Soundcraftsmen's Auto Bridge you get three times the power vs. two times on most. You can get the Auto Bridge unit separately that does the same thing. Once in a while you can find them on on-line auction sites. Just let me know if you need the instructions. I can get it to you.
@racinoffrd  - Do you still have the owner's manuals for the Power Four and/or Control Four?  I'm striking out finding them anywhere online and would love to have copies if possible.