Soundcraftsmen Components

I have receintly come across an old receiver by Soundcraftsman. It looks very similar to a Sansui peice I once had. Does anyone have information about the company or mid 70's components they offered?

Soundcraftsmen heyday was the mid 70's to mid 80's. They specialized in equalizers which were all the rage back then.

I owned the PE2217R pre-amp/equalizer which was in J.Gordon Holt's Stereophile list of recommended components. I had the piece for four years. It sounded good for its day and it gave me no trouble.

Soundcraftsmen also made a line of power amps. I think what you have is from the early to mid 80's. Around then they broadened their line to include a tuner and a cd player. That stuff was made in Japan. The power amps, pre-amps, and equalisers were made in the USA and were proudly advertised as American made.
I once had a neat little 10 watt tube amp (6V6) by Soundcraftsmen. I bought it when stereo came in for my second channel. It got replaced when 2-channel amps became available, and languished in a closet for many years. I think I junked it. What a shame!