SoundCity Speaker Outriggers

Anyone have any experience with these? They look like they are well made and great idea...
I have a pair. They are very well made and make speaker levelling a snap. Highly recommended.
They look nice but a tad expensive. Try DIY outriggers. Check pics in my system, easy to do.
To add nothing of value to your post, I'll agree that these look like quality products, and at a reasonable price. Been thinking of adding to a Velodyne subwoofer but I think I'd need to get the drill out.
Thanks guys...I agree they are a little pricey, but with the wife "onboard" I am free to splurge! Woooohoooo!

I am curious to know if you notice any sonic benefits from them, and what they were for you. I am mainly doing this for stability and I like the look. But sonics are important as well.
Narrod- also which speakers did you put yours on? I have 804N's

Mfsoa- they look cool huh? I will post my thoughts on then for you once I get them.
Jc51373, I can't really say I heard a sonic improvement but was not really expecting that I would. The look and easy levelling are the reasons I bought. I don't have the patience to go back and forth and listen for differences. The time to make the changes would, I believe, dull the sonic memory even if I had the desire to compare.
Jc51373, I use them with Quad 22Ls.
Thanks Narrod, I agree with you too. Sonics is the last thing I am going for with this purchase. I spoke with Paul today and he was fantastic to deal with over the phone, so I will be ordering a set after I measure out my speakers.
Timrhu, what materials did you use. Looks like a pre-fab metal flat bar. I'm on a spending freeze, so DIY interests me.

i bought a pair of custom outriggers for my von schweikert dB99 speakers. they are very solid and well built. i'm sure you'll be pleased with your purchase.
Mine may be DIY but the result is the same; a much more stable speaker with solid contact to the floor. The threaded insert on one of my speakers was loose which forced me to do something. IMO the bass is better, firmer, tighter, cleaner, deeper. Any of those adjectives will suffice. Good luck and check back in when you install them.
I measured out tonight, from edge to edge the measurements are 9.25 inches for the fronts, and 8 inches for the rears. Once I hear back from Paul I will place my order. I am actually kind of siked to stabilize these speakers finally. It is something I have sort of ignored doing anything do properly stabilize these things over the past few years I have had them..Now with a kid it seems like a good idea...Although I personally just want em for looks.
Got the outriggers, they are nice, well built and made a difference in the sound. I think that is basically because they lift the speaker up a little higher. The only thing I am wondering is if I should have gone with the same size for front and back, because something just looks off with the two different sizes.

Otherwise nice product.