Soundbar or speakers?

Total audio noob here. My son is getting a PS4 for Christmas (ok, it's for me) and I want to kick up the sound a bit. Right now we are rocking built in speakers only.

Thinking of a Soundbar because it would be easy and cheap, but only if the sound is decent. 

If not a soundbar, what do I need for decent sound without going too far past the cost of a soundbar? Not interested in wiring or mounting speakers behind me either. Lazy here.
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For me, I’d rather have stand-alone speakers. But it also depends on the space around your TV (I have only a little).

I’m looking at getting the Harman Kardon HKTS 2 MkII. Since the speakers are nice and compact.
I've got room on either side for small to mid sized speakers. How much we talking here? I'm gonna be putting down $350 just for the PS4 and we need a second controller because...I want to be Darth Vader.
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How about less than $500? What if it comes down to that?

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Dollar for dollar you'll get much better quality from speakers. It just comes down to quality or convenience.
@dangerangell Do you already have an amp? If so you can easily get some great Klipsch floorstanding or bookshelf speakers under budget.
No...I have a Samsung Smart TV and an Apple TV. We will get the new Apple TV at some point. 
@tbhockey and I each got a pair of Klipsch kf-26 speakers for approx $325 for the pair.
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