Sound Valves VTP-101 Preamp

Does anyone have any info or opinion with regard to the Sound Valves VTP 101 preamp? This piece is available to me from an estate sale and I am wondering if it is worthwhile. From what I've read so far, it sounds like a tubed version of a Hafler preamp, but maybe it's a hiddden treasure. I am currently using a Forte 44 preamp, a Grado PH1 phono preamp and an Aragon 2004 power amp.
I enjoyed using this for a number of years with Cary SLA-70 Sig EL34 output amp and also with Sound Valves own VTA-70i EL34 output amp.
It is a fine entry into the world of tube preamps. Expect to be pleasantly surprised how lovely and natural is the sound you hear compared to your present solid state preamp.
And you won't need a separate phono preamp anymore.
I still have this unit, just not hooked up presently.
This does respond to the choice of 12AX7 tubes, three for the line stage and three for the phono stage.
This is a great unit. I have one, still running it for over 12 years now. I use it with Sound Valves Mono blocks M60. I run a VPI Aries/Clearaudio Victory into it. Great sound if married with tube amps. Quickly buy it. Easy to sell on e-bay. They have gone for about $400. Tube rolling is a must.
300-350 might be a little closer but still a great buy. I sold my 101i version to a buddy who likes it lot, even with stock tubes. [Project table/homebrew ss amp and Hi-Vi Dulcet spkrs.] I got it through Stereo Cost Cutters if anyone remembers them. A great guy ran it, John Peterson? Anyway, I had Music Technology go over it to fix a few bad solder joints but the design seems to hold up well. Good features and I esp. liked the lower 10 dB gain setting available via internal jumpers.