Sound Stop by Celotex - Anyone Familiar?????

I'm currently doing the electric in my dedicated room and trying to decide what I want on the walls. The more info I get, the more confused I become. I'm to the nuthin fancy point and just want it done. My drywaller mentioned something called Sound Stop by Celotex. Looks like what the doctor ordered for keeping the room extremely quiet (used in apartments and condos). It's either that behind the sheetrock or double layers of rock. Is anyone familiar with or used this product?
The product you are talking about is good. In fact I believe Dow Chemical is buying them.

When the one half inch board referred to as Sound Stop is applied on BOTH sides of the stud wall, and layered on top with one half inch sheet rock, it delivers an STC rating of 44. The actual material used to manufacture Sound Stop is 97% recycled newsprint, so you are doing the environment a favor by purchasing this product.

There is another alternative, three and a half inches of Owens Corning fiberglass with standard sheet rock walls also delivers a STC rating of 44, with slightly higher R factor ( insulation rating ).

I studied this as I have been constructing my listening room, and decided on one layer of three eights mahogany paneling, one layer of five eights sheet rock screwed to studs, then a second layer of five eights sheet rock attached with liquid nails. Owens Corning pink in the void, and the other side of this wall is a single layer of five eights sheet rock. I should achieve a rating of 55.

If you want acoustic improvement you must go BEYOND what you are considering. The measures you are considering are primarily to stop sound from entering or exiting the room.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Albert. Actually I am putting R-13 thermal & acoustical between the studs and rocking the other side, then 18" of dead air space, then exterior wall also with the R-13. This will be the side walls, one exterior and one with stairway & hall between main house. The speaker end is 2X6 so R-19, sound stop and 1/2" sheetrock. Front of house (Cape Style) will have the 2x10's (12/12 pitch) of the roof insulated w/R-30 with about 4' to the knee wall of 5 feet high, which I also plan to insulate and use the sound stop and sheetrock. Soundin Better? chuck
You should achieve all the isolation you can use, far superior than the typical construction for dedicated rooms.

Still, the interior walls would benefit from acoustic treatment to reduce slap echo standing waves and boundary (proximity) reflections. Typical cures after construction and finish out are RPG, Skyline, Echo Busters, Tube Traps and similar products. You might consider what I am doing, applying Owens Corning acoustic treatment on the walls, then covering with acoustic cloth for a fine finish look. I can provide the links for the track system that supports this product if you wish.
Hey Albert. I've heard good things about the Owens Corning System. I haven't much looked at it because everytime I look at something the price of this room (and time) goes up. I've much considered your posts to other threads regarding a dedicated room. Perhaps when I get my gear up there. What would your opinion be of putting the Sound Stop on the ceiling & back wall with a double layer of sheetrock on the wall behind and to the sides of the speakers? The sound stop is rather soft. Thinking back to one of your comments about "flimsy construciton" perhaps a double layer of rock would better serve a solid bottom end. Maybe this would be a good balance. I'll go one way or the other - probably over thinking it, wanna be using it.

I'm doing alot of no-no's too. I have to have the recessed lights (sound leaks), but am doing the best I can. I'm using 4" airtight IC cans. Also, I've gotta have a Lutron lighting system. I know, no dimmers. I'll try and keep the runs away from my dedicated audio lines, put them on the other phase, use conduit on the run to the box and ground it on one end as suggested by Lutron. I never should have pulled out those old Audio Video Interiors Mags. I had forgotten all about fancy lighting, but ultimately think the room will be much more satisfying, though I'll never be satisfied!