sound-Smith VPI Counter Intuitive

The Sound-Smith CounterI intuitive is a must have for VPI turntable owners. I just purchased one and it makes a great difference in my Classic 3 setup. I thought I had my TT perfectly setup before, but the counter intuitive dialed it in perfectly and I can tell the difference right away. The system just sound very balanced and the sound stage comes popping out. No listening fatigue here like I use to have. I have been listening to vinyl hours on end. The unit is very easy to use, I followed the instructions to a "T". This unit is highly recommended. What is your experience with the Counter Intuitive?
Yup. The SoundSmith Counter Intuitive works very well, and, like pretty much all things VPI, it's absurdly overpriced @ $50 for a 50ยข sticker. It should be a stock feature of the already overpriced VPI turntables.
Exactly. I use putty to dial in the last little bit and it works well. You get it. Erg close to VTf but bang on with azimuth then you drop little bits of putty on either end until you have VTf bang on.
I agree that the Counter Intuitive is a no-brainer for a VPI arm.
It is one of the best bang for the buck tweaks I've ever tried, and I've tried a lot.
It makes fine tuning Azimuth and VTF so easy.
If you look closely, the new $30K VPI turntable has the sticker. Who knew. Harry, you fox, I am sure you brought rights to it from SoundSmith. I am sure within a fortnight, you will be able to buy it from China for $5, shipping included. Harry, call the lawyers, its not fair.
You may want to retract your comment by taking a closer look - it is not just a "sticker" as you indicate. It is a highly machined part that comes WITH a specialized sticker that allows highly repeatable adjustments.
Lp2cd, don't understand your post. Did they leave the actual Counter Intuitive unit out of the package you got?
That's correct, the sticker is just a part of the Counter Intuitive. The specialized part that Slowlearner noted is a precision designed counterweight which slides on the VPI counterweight that enables extremely fine adjustments for VTF and azimuth both at the same time. This device saves an enormous amount of time and effort, and is very fairly priced at $50. I would have spent twice that amount upon experiencing how easy it is to now set up a VPI arm with it versus not having it. What used to be a very time consuming and challenging install to get spot on without this device is now quick and easy with it.
OK, I did take a closer look, it's been a while, and the others are quite correct. It includes that plastic sleeve that goes over the counterweight. That must up the cost of production to at least $2.50, so it's rather less absurdly priced. It still does exactly what it's supposed to do, however, so...
Lp2cd, unfortunately by your last comment you appear to have little or no idea of the costs involved in doing business, including R & D, testing, fabrication and manufacturing, marketing, advertising, and other direct and indirect costs of developing a new product for a very limited and targeted marketplace.
The counterintuitive IS provided with VPI 3D arms...not sure about the others.
Stringreen, the CI "was" provided with the 3D arms, but now is an option.
Brf - yes, you are correct. I just purchased a 3D arm and had to buy the CI.
A few more thing that I might point out. After setting up my Classic 3 with the Counter Intuitive, I verified the setting with my Fozgometer and it was spot on. Before the verification, I calibrated the Fozgometer using the information from Analogplanet. I did not know about the calibration procedure before reading that article. I also downloaded an Android oscilloscope app to see the left and right channel while using a test record and the channels were spot on after using the counterintuitive. You should try it.