Sound-Smith retip time frame??

I sent out my Lyra cartridge for a retip on January 25th. Left a message inquiring about the forgotten cart. Anyone else ever have a lengthy wait for their prized cart with Sound-Smith? Is this a busy time of year for tip replacements? Similar to spring cleaning? Thanks, Brian
My experience is at least 2 months.
Peter/Craig will contact you once its ready, so don't worry.
The Soundsmith does excellent work. I have been to their facility and it is a good sized, well staffed, quality shop. They have refurbished a number of vintage receivers for me. Like CMK commented, they will contact them, you don't have to chase them.

Regards, Rich
I also waited 8-10 weeks and was told 5. I am very happy with the re-tip, just wish they would quote true leadtimes.
In my case it was 6 weeks, but that was early last fall. They are probably very busy and sometimes travel to demo the strain gauge system they make. Peter told me they would not rush the job so rest assured your Lyra will be done right.
Dear Brian: The whole re-tipping work is made/make by Peter and no one else, certainly he is extremely busy about and that's why the " long " time to cartridge delivery but the good point/thing is that he make a great job ( for say the least ).

Regards and enjoy the music.
Thanks for the responses. I sent the cart to Sound-Smith because of their good reputation. I will try and exercise patience while I wait for my beloved cart.
I also have waited a crazy long time for my goldfinger to be repaired by these guys they re built it last summer I had a problem (lost a channel )at Thanksgiving they received it for repair on December 15 and I have been waiting now four months after I was told 2 months ago it was already finished I mean jeez.