Sound Smith Retip of DV 20X2 Cartridge

Anyone use Sound Smith to retip their Dynavector 20X2 MC cartridge? In particular, I'm thinking about retipping with one of Peter's higher end ruby cantilever and stylus versions. Comments and reactions would be welcome.

My main carty is the SS VPI Zephyr, which is a fine sounding cartridge. The DV 20X2 is my back-up. I personally think the Zephyr is in a different league.

My TT is the VPI Classic and phono pre is the ARC PH-8.
Do you have the low or high output version?
High output
Check this discussion out VA link

Though I have not heard a DV20X2H with a Soundsmith Ruby cantilever I would be surprised if it was not an improvement. I think it's worth a shot. I've heard some Denon 103's with a Soundsmith ruby OCL rebuild that sounded pretty sweet.
I wouldn't go for the upgrade on a HO 20x. All things being equal, moving from the HO to LO cart is a big step up in SQ. Personally, I would want that advantage before I would invest in an upgrade.
I broke my DV20x2H after about a year of listening to with a modified Rega tonearm. I was heartbroken because I really enjoyed it with my system. I sent to Soundsmith and had it retipped with the ruby cantalever arm ($250) option. When it came back, to my ears, the music seemed more alive and detailed. I like it better than the the original. After six months I bought a broken DV20X2h and sent it to have it retipped the same way and have it stored as my back up.