Sound signature of AudioQuest?

I have a middle of the road system: Rotel electronics (200 Wpc) + B&W 804 + cheapest Nordost interconnects + bi-wiring of speakers using 12AWG white commodity-type cable.

I'm being offered a good deal on used AQ CV-6 (w/DBS) speaker cable and Jaguar (w/DBS) interconnects. I have yet to listen to the combo, but I haven't been shopping cables around and would like your opinion about their sound signature and its matching with the signature of the rest of my system. I'd be out of my mind to buy new, as the price is way too high compared to that of my electronics, but the offered price makes it a temptation.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!
Well, I own a pair of AQ Pikes Peak speaker cable, and also a pair of Jaguar(w/dbs).
And I did own a pair of AQ CV6 few years ago.
Sound signature?
Lets see..., airy sound, very focus and clear image, very good depth, soundstage good but not excellent, not so warm cable, very transparent, dynamic. I think they are a good combo for your equipment, the jaguar will stay with you a long time on this journey.The improve from your ICs and speaker cable will be real good. I think, you will remember this upgrade for a long time.
Happy Listening
Put the money in a batter source. Your Electronics are not at the satge where you should worry about wire. Get the best source you can afford with the money instead.
save your cash & buy music or gear,whatever cables your running right now will do just as good of job as exotic cables will do,cables are not an upgrade they are a tweak.
Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun speaker cable is what you need. There are few used ones here now, depending on the length you need you may be able to find a set. I never tried AQ speaker cables, but their ICs sounded pretty dark to me. AZ Satori Shotgun on the other hand is very neutral(at least in my system) and being a double run, it is well suited for B&W 804. Whatever sp cable you get, always get the bi-wire run for the B&Ws. Good luck.
Cables are a upgrade and if you choose for AQ you get a neutral cable. And that is what you need IMHO.
Just got a pair Jaguars between CDP and my integ amp, I have to agree with Alanbrain.
compared to my signal calbe analog II's it almost sounds louder in the same volume level with the Jaguars.
much more focused.. vocal sounds as if the singer's been starved with the signal cables compared to the Jaguars.

Yet, it does not sound brighter either- actually sounds a bit warmer and smoother, yet tighter..yup.

now I'm a believer of highe end ICs.

I'm recieving a pair of Cardas quadlink 5Cs in a couple of days, I'll see which one wins in my system