Sound room lighting

I am looking to add some more lighting over my system. Thinking about a couple of recessed cans to kind of spotlight the speakers and the equipment rack. I will be adding a turntable so having one over the rack will be a benefit for lighting. I’m sorry, but I am just not into anything like LED rope lights, or anything unusual like that with different colors. I’m looking to see if I should do straight down lights, Or bring them back further into the room and use eyeballs to shine on the equipment on an angle. If anyone has a photo they would like to share of what they did in their room, I would appreciate the ideas. Thank you in advance
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Good question.


As an electrician who has done this several times the best solution is actually eyeballs farther out & a recessed can over the TT..There is some pretty amazing Track lighting available as well,can be formed to suit your taste..
Be careful about AC line noise if using low voltage or dimmers. I have had good luck with white, dimmable bulbs and bad luck with incandescents on a dimmer.
Whatever bulbs you use I think you will find that ferrite on the power leads will help reduce the noise emitted.
agree lighting is an important consideration.

it might help to check out my system pictures for some ideas. i have some pictures that are dark in the room but with some spot lighting on my turntables. just click on my name, and choose details. i’m using floor standing LED lamps but still a nice effect.

another thing i do that is super cheap and easy, is to buy a couple of floor standing up-lights with very low wattage bulbs, i use 15 watt bulbs, and place them behind your speakers. this scatters low light on your ceiling but nothing reflected in your eyes for relaxed listening. any spot light on something in your field of vision while extended listening becomes irritating after a time. i listen 30 hours a week. keeping my head right is important.

another thought is that the idea that you want the speakers to disappear musically is aided if you don’t notice them visually while listening. another reason to back light them. it will aid the illusion of realism. i have twin towers each 750 pounds and 7 feet tall 100 inches from my ears/eyes and they......disappear.
I have been backlighting my speakers during listening sessions for years. For about 7 years I had a pair of those skinny poles with the long, square paper sleeve going down on it that use one bulb and cost around $30.00.
A bit more than a year ago I bought these and they are great.
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They can be very warm or pure white, bright or very soft, and many combinations of colors on top and bottom. I don't use that feature, but it's nice to have. They are covered in a really nice cloth, and as you say, for me, they help the speakers disappear. I really dislike overhead lighting unless needed as work lighting.

Probably just my imagination, but the conversation seems to be taking a disturbing turn away from the idea of the best possible lighting being the red lava lamp....

I like the effect in your picture with the lights dim. Can you share a link to what lamps you have behind the speakers?