Sound reflecting panel

For quite a while concerned with an audible shift in the soundstage slightly 'left'. Even started wondering if my hearing was getting off. Long and short was that by accident, holding an LP out off the right side of my head, realized that perhaps it is the array of the room i.e. that right-hand-side leads to a very open and lengthy part of my house, the left side has a couch parallel to the speaker-listener path, then a much shorter distance (about 1/3) to a wall. Set up some plywood panels and indeed, correct soundstaging.

With that in mind, are there products that could fold out as temporary sound reflecting mechanisms? Think in terms of a (what do you call those folding panels folks used for changing clothes behind? Old sensuous film noir scenes.)

Now, if I've missed something critical, by all means open to suggestions/comments.
Rather absorb the reflections on the left side. You can buy some absorbtion panels that don't look bad at all which should solve your problems (or at least improve things)

While you're at it, do the same for your ceiling.

Do you have a balance control on your pre?
No balance control.

As simple as it sounds, I never thought of absorbing the reflections on the opposite side. Will pursue this.

Absorbing the reflections works for me.
You've got good ears, not to worry. I had the same problem in my listening room. My friends wouldn't believe it till I placed a solid door on the right and bam, there was rock solid full images and balance. I use solid wood folding doors, used for closets. I can move them out of the way as needed. I'm not so sure about the absorption on the left, not that it doesn't work, just that you might be truncating your overall soundstage. Good luck!