Sound Quest and Granite Audio Tube CD Players

In my search for a CD player I came across two tube based players; Granite Audio and Sound Quest.  Both had great reviews, but most of the reviews are from the early 2000's.  However both are still available.  I am not sure if they have been updated with advances in their DACs over time.  Anyone have any current information or experience with them?


I have no current info, but I for years I owned and enjoyed the Granite 657 tube output CD player. I preferred it in my system to a Meridian 508.24 and an Oppo 105.  I ran it direct or via a Supratek Syrah pre into a Spectron Musician III and VonSchweikert HR 5 HSE speakers.  The other CD players sounded dry and unengaging in comparison.  I now have a completely different system with the Project RS2 CD box as a transport.  I love it and find it as engaging to me as the Granite, with more detail.  I run it into the DAC in a Boulder 866 integrated amp.  Happy hunting!

Thanks for the comments.  I had initially thought of getting a straight transport ( to replace my Luxman D380 which is a little uninspiring ) to run through my Bricasti M3.  I looked into the ProjectRS2 but heard from two dealers that they were over- run with defective units.  Have you had any issues with yours?

Zero issues with mine since July, 2020.

Having a decent DAC you’ll be better off with even a cheap transport rather than a CDP.