Sound Quality: "Stereo-Link" vs. Sound Card

Anyone have experience with "Stereo-Link" USB computer peripheral device which connects directly to amp/pre-amp - as an alternative to a soundcard?
Available at for only $129.00!!
Is sound quality of Stereo-Link as good as from top-quality soundcard?
Did you end up buying one? I am looking to purchase something of this nature soon to use with windows XP on my dual 933 system, I have a Santa Cruz now but it does not sound very good. I have it hooked to my virtual system-

I am wanting better quality when listening to mp3's etc. I also saw ubid has had some onkyo use-55's for auction. Those looked pretty good too.
I am not sure what you are looking for, but I found that Pro Audio recordings typically had more information on this subject. I ended up buying an edirol product with just takes the audio in through analog RCA, does the A/D conversion and then uses the usb port to send it to my sound editor.
I use a stereo link in my office system along with a Jolida 302 and Linn Tukans. Big difference over the stock sound card. BTW it was designed by the Sigtech people.
I use this one:
I have the Stereo-link in my PC system (Klipsch ProMedia 2.1). I used to use it in my 2 ch. system but now thats in a different room. I modified the StereoLink internally and it sounds oooh so good now. To be honest, theres more to get from that product, the manufacturer just had to meet a price point!

It is a great product and its only good for audio playback, not games!
Asi tek: How did you modify the Stereo-Link??