Sound quality of the Chuck Berry "Anthology" CDs?

How is the sound quality of the Chuck Berry "Anthology" CDs.

I currently own the Chuck Berry "20th Century Masters: Millenium series" CD so any direct comparisons, in particular, would be greatly appreciated!
Mshan; I don't have the Millenium CD, but do have "Anthology". Sound quality is all over the place and ranges from poor on a few tracks tracks to very good/excellent specifically on "Nadine". However, I would say by far most of the songs are in the fair to good category and certainly listenable-- even on a revealing system. This is a 2 CD set well worth owning if you're a big Chuck Berry fan-- as I am.

BTW, how is recording quality of the Millenium CD? Cheers. Craig
Hi Craig:

It looks like both CDs were mastered by Eric Labson at the same location, so the two discs probably sound pretty similar.

My CD sounds very clean (it almost sounds like than removed some tape hiss, but unfortunately, may have also subtlely reduced ambiance at the same time), but there does seems to be some subtle digital grain in the treble (same as my other Millenium series CDs - Louis Armstrong, B. B. King, Jackson Five, and Muddy Waters- which I find very distracting. I also have a Millenium series Chuck Mangione disc, which is 24 / 96, and sound much, much less digital than my other CDs.