Sound Quality of red book CDs vs.streaming

I’ve found that the SQ of my red book CDs exceeds that of streaming using the identical recordings for comparison. (I’m not including hi res technology here.)
I would like to stop buying CDs, save money, and just stream, but I really find I enjoy the CDs more because of the better overall sonic performance.
 I stream with Chromecast Audio using  the same DAC (Schiit Gumby) as I play CDs through.
I’m wondering if others have had the same experience
I'd rather listen to my red book ripped flacs than to Pandora or some such IMO.
I continue to see negative posts about how streaming quality is not on par with CD resolution. Please don’t expect to be wowed by plug n play devices (like Chromecast) and streaming providers that don’t offer CD resolution, case in point Pandora and Spotify. As one of the member pointed out, this kind of setup is good enough for parties not for serious listening experience.

Invest in a good streaming device / DAC, subscribe to Tidal and ensure following steps,

  1. Never use WIFI for streaming music content to your network player,
  2. Limit network traffic when playing an online stream,
  3. Use software optimized for sound quality,
  4. Use high-end network adapter & switch,
  5. Upgrade your router,
  6. Replace generic ethernet patch cords with audio grade LAN cables.
I can say unequivocally streaming in my system has surpassed all of my expectations and I enjoy streaming just as much as spinning my CD/SACD’s collection.

Those of you guys using Tidal as a reference to compare streaming to CDs, there is hope.  Spent last night comparing Qobuz to Tidal and Qobuz gets you so much closer to CD sound than Tidal ever did.  In my system, I use to think it was the streamer or cables that wasn’t up to par but it’s looks like it was always the music data source. At else in my system Qobuz via an Aurender N100h sounds better than CDs playing through my CDP transport.  I will be switching over to Qobuz. 

Well said, it all starts with a good source!

Are you able to stream Qobuz in 24bit/192kHz resolution? I tried the free trial that limits you to hear files in 24bit/96kHz resolution, which is quite good. And yes, from what I heard Qobuz streaming is a step forward than Tidal.

I can’t wait to try Qobuz in it’s full glory.
I was able to stream in full 24bit/192kHz. That’s what what was showing on my DAC. :)