Sound Quality of Phono Stage on the Yamaha RX-Z11

Has anyone tried it the phono stage on the RX-Z11 Receiver? How good would you say it is?

Thank You.
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The one on the RX Z9 is actually all right. I tried it with some input coils once and it sounded decent.
I have a Denon 4806 receiver, and a Onkyo Grand Integra pre, both with phono. (which I have listened to for a few minutes out of curiosity.) They both really suck.
Then I have an Audio Research PH-2 phono pre-pre, and an Audio Research SP-10 preamp with phono.
I would have to say any receiver with a phono section built in the past 20 years will suck. (imo). The phono section in any modern (20 yr) receiver is a very small op-amp, in a vast mountain of multichannel and video stuff.
If you just want to be able to just listen to what is on the LP, you can survive with a receiver phono section.
If you want to listen to music, on a regular basis, forget the receiver phono section!
(this does NOT apply to pre 1983 receivers! which may or may not have had a REAL phono section built in.)