Sound quality of Magneplanar MC1 wall speaker

I like the sound of planar speakers, and am interested in the MC1 because it does not appear to dominate a room the way a floor-standing Maggie might (wife acceptance factor is strong consideration). I would really enjoy hearing from others who have listened to the MC1's attached to a wall, and would also be interested in hearing about other alternatives. As usual, also interested in what amp to drive them with. I have older but nice Rotel receiver/preamp and cd player, and will have to get a power amp if I go with the Maggies. Thank you in advance for your comments.
I've heard these with a modded Jolida 707A on a wall, with a sub. By far the best "wall" sound I've ever heard, and rivals a few good normal setups out there! This is the one if you really can't have a normal speaker system.
It is essential that you use two subwoffers. These Maggies are not intended to be full range speakers. Apart from that, they sound like Maggies...good.