Sound quality of higher resolution CD, SACD, etc.

How would you rate a sound quality of higher definition CD (HDCD, XRCD, XRCD2, XRCD24, 20 bit K2 remasters, "Gold" CD, etc.) and SACD and DVD-A versus standard red book CD versus live music? Please assume scale of 0 for average red book CD and 10 for live music in a good acoustic, as a reference. Preferably, base your comments on a sample of several recordings of each type. This would be helpful for me and maybe for many others, to pick, say, the best sounding recording of 'Art Pepper Meets the Rythm Section' (available in CD, SACD, Gold CD, 20 bit K2 remasters and JVC XRCD) base on the anticipated recording quality rather than a price.