Sound quality of Genesis remastered CDs?

Found one response to this from this time last year on the subject, but would like some more feedback from anyone that has any of them.

Reason why:  I never had Wind & The Wuthering or Trick of the Tail on CD.  Finally decided I wanted to get digital copies for the convenience, so picked them up new from Amazon.  W&TW on CD only, TotT CD, DVD-A and a brief DVD video.

W&TW was absolutely awful to my ears.  Compressed to a thin sheet of paper, indistinct vocals, zero punch and generally unlistenable.  Couldn't make it all the way through a single tune.  The only upside was that the dreadful static embedded in the vinyl versions in the guitar passage of Blood on the Rooftops was eliminated.

TotT CD was better, but not by much.  The DVD-A was almost SACD level, but still didn't have the fullness, range or punch of my MFSL or Japanese home-market pressings.

I would go so far as to say that the non-remastered CDs I got back in the day are all superior to these two new ones.

What have been your impressions?

Check out the Unofficial Dynamic Range Database and all will be revealed.

Yes, the original CD pressings (UK or Japan) are superior to the newer, re-mastered discs.
I must agree with jafant. As an early Genesis fan I have the remastered versions of everything from "And Then There Were Three" back. My remastered versions are older so I can't compare to the new releases. I felt they sounded a bit compressed and over emphasized in the high end although probably not as bad as you describe. I researched various forums and noted the recommended older versions of each album. I was very fortunate to run across one seller who had the entire collection so I bought them all. These sound much closer to the vinyl that I used to have. I will tell you that while the "Trespass" CD sounds better than the remaster, one poster on the forum emphasized that there is no "good sounding" CD version of this album and I agree. Bottom line, you should find the original versions much more to your liking than any of the remasters in my opinion. 
Thanks for the input.  The Dynamic Range database was very interesting, and I appreciate the tip Geoff.  Wish I'd known about it before I plunked down my $20 or so for the turkeys I ended up with.

Looks like I'll have to search for some of the older CDs for my digital files. 

Another thank you to Geoff for the tip!
I have those you refer remastered version on sacd, and even Genesis is one of my favorite band, is hard to recognize those sacd are the hardest to listen. The main reason I still hear them from time to time, it is because phil collins voice sound soo real! is like being with him in fornt of me, but the rest of instruments are very loud and compressed.

Why the hell don’t the recording studios do a better job to begin with, instead of all the work around versions for such a good, popular group?

Don’t tell me, money and time.

I agree, the newer remastered CD's are not very good.  I purchased a few, hoping they would sound better the original CD's.  I ripped them to my Mac Mini music server and used the equalizer in iTunes make them sound a little better.
We all had hopes when those SACD titles were released. I do not know how/why those were not upheld to the excellent standard of 99% other SACD titles?