Sound Quality Matters

I know we all know this but apparently we're not the only ones.

Furthermore, "In an online survey of 12,000 listeners in 12 countries around the world, Sonos and its research partners found that listening, particularly to music, is reported by participants to have a significant positive effect on four key areas of life: mood, fitness, relationships, and productivity'.

Not surprising at all.
I would like to see the break down by country.I imagine the USA falls short compared to places like France(nice systems everywhere),Hong Kong,Taiwan & Japan(per capita)..It seems to me that in the USA,muggles still don’t invest in decent A/V systems & Fitness probably dominates a high % of listening time for them.At home listening still remains as background noise save for a movie or 2 & Best Buy all in 1 systems still rule there.
At least millenials are driving the mid/high level headphone scene,perhaps they will start to rub off on the rest of America.
I agree the recording quality matters. Although most listening by most people is of music reproduced poorly I have yet to see when well recorded music, played in correct phase, over a good system and good speakers has failed to put life into listeners :)  
As an as aside, I have found dynamic JBL horns also breathe life into music of all kinds :)