Sound quality improvement via simple “isolation”

I’m enjoying music from my internet provider at home using HDMI from my cable box to Oppo 205. Found an old original MIT Z Isolater while tidying up on a frigid (-8 degree celcius) day here in Vancouver,BC. Idle hands are the devils workshop? Decided to try it on the Actiontec ECB6200 my cable provider supplied. I am “very” pleased with the enhanced audio through my Spectral Audio/MIT Cables/B&W system. Picture quality on my ~5 yr old “Pany” may be a touch brighter/clearer as well. Does this make sense? Have any others who listen from their internet provider tried AC isolation/conditioning on the unit provided? Cheers to more refined replay :)
The Actiontec ECB6200 is a Bonded MoCA unit- fast/high quality.
If the power cords any good then everything its used on should sound better. Ditto conditioners. Otherwise, guess what? They weren't any good to begin with.
You will get better SQ using the Toslink optical cable to a reclocker and then BNC coax to your Oppo.

You should be using a Jensen transformer isolator in the coax cable feeding your cable box already.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio
@audioengr. I dont see a connection option for toslink. 
Ask your TV provider for a better updated cable box.  Get one with DVR.
@audioengr. Also, I think this Toshiba link technology circa mid 1980’s can pass 4 K  tv plus gaming signals. Am I wrong?
Prev post shd read “I don’t think...”.  ie toslink is not suitable for the video side of this units use. 
@audioengr .  Also, there is no BNC coax connection option on the Oppo 205. Perhaps you’re thinking of other things. It happens. 
If there’s an RCA type digital input on the oppo you can use an adapter BNC to RCA
Thanks tlong. I prefer not to use additional adapters.