?sound quality diff between quadrophonic & stereo


Is there any
sound quality difference between quadrophonic & stereo versions of the same recording if it is played with a modern cart with micro ridge stylus?

No difference,the Quad versions were made to be played with both formats.
No. The Quad versions I have are slighty different due to different mix in some songs. Very interesting, for example "Tyranny & Mvtation" by Blve Öyster Cvlt. I have a micro ridge stylus too ;)
According to an article in The Osborn Price Guide the soundstage (referred to as Stereo Effect) is much wider on Sly & The Family Stones Greatest Hits on Quad versus Stereo.I can say on several of the Columbia Quads I have the LPs play much louder than Stereo versions at the same gain setting.I would think the Quad version would be mastered seperately from both Stereo and Mono and therefore could not possibly be identical.