Sound quality degraded with phono-stage in path

Hello All,

I recently purchased Monolithic PS-1 (without the HC-1B power supply) phono pre-amp, last nigth I put it in between the turntable and my int-amp. I have set the cart. loading to 47K and 100pF (I'm using a Rega P1 and Super Elys MM Cart.). It now sound quality seems to have degraded it used to without the phono-pre. I'm running a generic pair of Monster cables from the pre to the it, my Tara labs cables are on their. Any ideas?
Do you have the phono pre hooked into the integetrateds phono input? If so, that will sound BAADD...
Headsnappin, no, I connected the the pre-out to a line level input.
Oh, forgot to mention the gain settings, I set the gain to 35db, is it too high for a 6.8mv output cart?
For a 6.8mV cartridge I think 35Db is way to high.

In my bedroom I use a 6.5mV Goldring 1042 cartridge with a Aaron Phono Module II witch I've set on 23Db gain, and that seems to be just enough.
Even 25Db will give some distortion in the signal out of the preamp.

Try to set your phono at about 20-22Db gain for a start. When that's not enough go up in steps of 1Db.
Thanks, Miracle, the gain range on this pre is 26db-53db, I'll try 26db setting and see. Also, can you suggest a cartridge upgrade from what I have now? Correction I have a Rega P2.