Sound Quality: Atma-Sphere MA-2 vs. MA-1

I have the distinct pleasure of sharing my home with a pair of Atma-Sphere MA-2 MkII amplifiers. Because I have the MA-2's, I'm occasionally asked about sound quality trade-offs between these and their 140w brethren, the MA-1's. But, I've never had the opportunity to listen to a pair of MA-1's and so I can never give a good answer other than the usual considerations of the -2's ability to drive almost any load, increased power, etc.

Has anyone had the opportunity to listen to BOTH? And if so, can you share some thoughts as to the difference in sound quality between them, all other system factors being equal?

I know, for example, that the MA-2 uses Caddock resistors and teflon capacitors, but that these parts are not standard with the MA-1. Also, there must be some differences in the input stage as evidenced by the MA-2 MkII using six 6SN7 tubes and the MA-1 using four. Seems like these issues, and perhaps others, would affect the sound in ways that go beyond power output and ability to drive that power into varying impedance loads (for better or worse). I'd really appreciate some feedback on this issue of sound quality differences just for my own education. Thanks!
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What a good question. I have heard both and unfortunately it was with two different sets of speakers. They are both phenomenal!

I think the MA2 MKII.2 is a tad more refined, transparent and controlled. Certainly they will drive just about anything the MA1 MKII.2's will not.

There may be some people out there with more experience with both. I hope so, I want to hear other opinions as well.
Thanks for this thread. I am interested in the reponses as both of these amps are on my very short list as an upgrade from my current amp. I, too, have never heard both in identical systems and rooms.
Thanks Jim and Jtinn. I am hopeful someone will be able to contribute who has heard both amps, if not both in the same system, then at least with enough controlled variables to have come to some conclusions. My general thinking has always been that fewer tubes in the signal path will be better (viz, the MA-1). But Ralph's circuit may belie that general experience. I do suspect that higher quality resistors and capacitors (Caddock and teflon standard in the MA-2, and presumably optional in the MA-1) may cause some of the differences Jtinn feels may be there. There is also a difference in the regulation of the power supplies that I would expect to contribute to these same differences. Thanks for your interest!
i have heard great things about these amps and would also be curious about which amp sounds better?
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