Sound proofing listening room

My listening room is in the basement. My problem is that my wife above can hear too much, always telling me to turn it down, I was wandering if anybody has any cheap ideas to help keep the music in my basement.I do know the the space between the ceiling and floor are not insulated and I'm planning on doing that. But I'd like to do more. Treatment for the ceiling in my room is ok. Anything is ok cause it is my room to do with what i want. So I welcome all suggestions.
Todd you may never be able to completely get rid of the noise causing the complaints. A double ceiling may help? Alternatively you may want to look into eliminating the source of the complaints? (I doubt the Dr. Baker would be very interested in crochet). If I was relegated to the basement for my listening, hmmm...
Several interesting products and acoustic isolation ideas are available at "". Neoprene sheeting, acoustic foam, etc. Good luck.
This is EXACTLY my situation/problem too. As an added level of difficulty I have ductwork to contend with. And if you add all this in I will be lucky to have 7 feet of ceiling height to play with, how about you? I plan (so far) to insulate between the existing floor joists. BEFORE I do that I might spray the whole underside of the floor with some type of sound deading material (like the kind they use in cars) Then I plan on building a "room within a room" totally decoupled and not touching anything besides the concrete. Insulate that as well. Then a double layer of 5/8" sheetrock (alternating seams) I am also looking into either a double door or a sound proof door. After all that is done then I plan on treating the remaining space so it will sound the best that it can. Any thoughts?

Philefreak lets keep in touch and share pointers. This is a project that WILL get done this fall before I go insane not being able to enjoy my music at volumes that even begin to do it justice. I am interested in hearing what you plan on doing.


I live in a concrete bunker and have the walls covered with insulation and drop carpet on top of that.The tile floors in front of the speaker have a massive oriental rug,and my ceiling has 4 in. of foam,while I have cought flack from other members on this aproach ,the foam adds a bit of life.
This has been very inexpensive room correction.