Sound Progression

A week after I've got the pair of speakers (ML Aeries i) and amplifier (Dk Design) I've finally got my Oracle Delphi turntable with Denon DA-401 tonearm and Denon DL-301 cartridge.
Before today I've been using danish (or Swedish) Primare CD player ($1100 version). Holly Molly! What a difference!
It is hard to believe that the difference between vinyl and CD could be so dramatic! I have now it all - from low bass to crystal clear highs! I am amazed.
As you probably know DK Design has integrated phone-in.
One thing I noticed is that if with CD player I rarely turned volume dial to 11 am position - with turntable plugged to phone-in I can turn volume to 3 pm position...even to its limits - to 5 pm. I wonder if it is common. I guess electric signal from turntable is several times lower than from CD player. Is this normal?
Try turning it to 5am instead of 5pm.


Is your cartridge moving magnet or moving coil? Therein might lie the answer.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that the Denon is a very low output moving coil cartridge. I'm going to let other people advise you about phono preamps and cartridges though, because it's not my area of expertise (yet!).
Yes, it's pretty normal for the TT to have somewhat higher relative position on the volume knob than the digital player. In your case, it is a bit more than usual, and I'd suspect that your phono stage gain is a slight bit too low for the ouput of that cartridge. You should be able to get strong sound at around the top of the dial(12 0'clock).

Welcome to analog!
Be prepared for people to say you are crazy that analog sounds better than digital.
"Try turning it to 5am instead of 5pm"

LOL @ Lousyreeds1!!

It definitely sounds better when the volume knob is set to 5am than 5pm. Less people are awake.
Is magnet cartridge delivers stronger signal than my Denon DL-301 coil cartridge? Should I replace it to magnet? Which one? Thanks!
Maybe sean could chime in with a quick lesson regarding MM v MC and the technical bits of it all. I for one would love a lesson...
Yes, the DL-301 is a low output(0.3mv) moving coil cartridge, and yes a moving magnet cartridge would have much higher output.

However, I don't think that many moving magnet cartridges are going to match the nice sound of that DL-301.

While some may argue, a good low output MC cartridge has lighter moving mass, and therefore will be quicker to respond, and better in the high freq's than MM cartridges which have heavier moving mass.

The lower the output that an MC cartridge has, the lighter moving mass, due to the fewer coils used. Most of the best moving coil cartridges are low output. Low moving mass is not everything, but it does mean something.

It sounds to me like you could probably use a step-up device in your phono to bring enough gain for that cartridge.
What is step-up device? How is it called?
Turning the volume to 5 am instead of 5 pm did make a huge difference! Thanks guys for a trick. Now I have to make sure I don't forget to change my measurements with begining of Daylight Saving Time season! :)