Sound of Zu Soul Superfly vs Zu Druid Speakers

Is there anyone out there who actually owns the new Zu Soul Superfly who has also owned Zu Druids and has had a chance to compare the relative sound of the two?

A report from anyone who has had an opportunity to listen carefully to the Zu Soul and Druid speakers and can contrast the difference in sound of the two would be wonderful.
Why not call the Zu boys and ask them?

Please report back.
Look at the Superfly thread. There's more than enough detail there.

Pay particular attention to 213cobra's (Phil) posts. He contrasts the Superflys with virtually all of Zu's other offerings.

FWIW, I think its Zu's position that even the not yet released Soul (non-superfly) is a step up from the Druid, so if on the fence between the two I'd be inclined to spend $1800 on new Souls over $1700 on used Druids.
I found the 213Cobra (Phil) posts quit informative and detailed - although it seems 213Cobra doesn't actually own the Zu Sould Speakers, it apears he did some serious listening.

However, the purpose of this new thread is to try and get more input from actual new Zu Soul speaker owners, soas to contrast not just the Zu Soul and Druid speakers sonic differences, but also other owner/listener viewpoints as well.
Right, I don't yet own Soul. I'll just point out that I will replace my Druids with Soul Superfly when Zu has time to make me a custom-finish pair. Superfly is comprehensively better than Druid unless you happen to prefer the euphonic characteristics of Druid over a more accurate and punchy speaker, in this case Soul.

Unfortunately, there appears to be a few individuals who wish to hijak this thread by contending that there is plenty of information out there already comparing the brand new Zu Soul to the older Zu Druid and who wish to limit further input.

In truth, it was only after researching through numerous threads and finding out that the great majority of the threads were in response to heresay or rumor, not actual owners, that I put in this thread as a request to hear from actual owners of the new Zu Soul and get their immpressions, instead of regarding the few new actual owners of the new Zu Druids who have taken time to comment as being the end all in what the new Zu Soul speakers will be like.

I am a loyal Zu Druid fan myself and an owner. However, by changing the sound, Zu will appeal to some, and obviously not to other listeners. It is impossible for it to be otherwise. Anyone who says that there has been a chorus of actual owners posting reviews here on Audiogon about the brand new Zu Soul already has not done their home work and worse yet, may ostensibly have a vested interest in trying to limit any input other than the limited number of reviews by actual owners that have been made.

The new Zu Soul may be a wonderful speaker. In fact, I expect so. But I think it would serve Audiogon members better if those detractors (who obviusly are trying to limit posts comparing the new Zu Soul to the Zu Druids or defend an Audiogon staff member who initially refused to let me start this thread in the first place) stop trying to hijack and limit input to this thread and let actual owners speak for themselves.
I can agree with your desire for more information. Heck, I'm one of the few vocal owners (that I'm aware of) and I'm constantly checking back here for updates.

I don't think anyone was trying to silence your quest for more information so much as point you in a potentially helpful direction.

Good luck on your quest.
I own both the Zu Druids IV and Gallo Ref 3s. Using Nuforce monoblocks. I'm thinking of selling both to get either the Soul, Emerald Physics or Gallo Strada. How does the Soul compare to Emerald Physics ? thoughts ?
I would go with the one that makes you less paranoid. Probably the Soul but I have not heard it. Lots of great info, no need to look further.

Actually just kidding. I lost more money on a Zu purchase than any other audio deal, including plus 10k stuff.

Souls will go for 1k after the Spirit comes out next year (kidding.)
A_white: I think you will find the Gallo 3.5 noticeably better than the Strada; more heft and dynamics, even with the Strada running a sub. Might be worth waiting for used 3.5s, if you Gallo. John
I will answer my own question, although in a limited way, with one viewpoint in the words of someone who was selling his Zu Druids, to paraphrase, he feels the Zu Soul Superfly, although still nicely warm in the midrange, was slightly less so than the Zu Druids, and a little more open in the treble region. He told me, however, that he had been using an amp that I know is a little bit forward, so it could have been that the Zu Druids slightly more forward mid and slightly more laid back highs, had good synergy with that slighlty bright amp.

Either way, he is now trying to break in the new Zu Soul Superfly speakers (hoping the highs subside just a little more upon breakin) to fit well into his current system and he feels that he has almost accomplished that - enough so to sell his Zu Druid speakers anyway.

His remarks seem to be very similar to some I read in regard to the Zu Essence speakers. Suffice to say, if this reviewer is correct, if you want a little more sparkle on top than you are getting with the Zu Druid speakers and do not mind just a little less warmth in the mids to get that (and tighter bass and slightly less edgyness I have heard), the Zu Soul Superfly may be a wonderful speaker for you.

In regard to apparently well intended post of another Audiogon member reffering me to another review of the Zu Soul (as if it provided proof that my request for more information was unecessary) - sadly, the review referenced (at that time anyway), had already been noticed by me and was one of the very few limited reviews available at that time by actual owners that I was referencing when I asked for more input other than the few limited reviews available.

However, my desire for more information was helped greatly by the reviewer who was hesitantly selling his Zu Druids (after over a month of A B comparing) and took the time to email me. I suspect, as expected, that the new Zu Soul sound is very similar to the Zu Druid sound albeit with changes that will either enhance or slightly detract from the overall net sound of ones system, depending on the tonal nature already balanced into it - and ones personal preferences of course.
While not hearing the souls I have updated my Druids with Soul drivers and hi pass, also adding griewe loading and internal damping. The only difference is a slight volume decrease compared to soul now.

My Druids were mk4/08 and there is a difference.

Druids were warmer before.......... now they have better bass and attack. The Mundorf hi pass provides clean detailed treble but is still smooth which is nicer than the old Kimber based hi pass.
Zu has a BIG SALE this Thanksgiving weekend, by the way.

I did forget to mention the increase in bass performance with the Zu Souls. I appears my comments and the most recent post sum up in simple straight forward language the basic changes noted with the Zu Soul Superfly vs the Zu Druids.
I have Druids that have been updated with the newer drivers offered a few years back. At the time, I installed the Mundorf caps and Duelund resistors.
You mention that you added "Griewe loading and internal damping". Can you tell me how you accomplished the Griewe loading?
Sean suggested to add a foam wedge with a 3/8" gap all around the base of the Druid. I stuck the wedge to the mesh that covers the hole in the base. The wedge should be tapered on all sides to a point in the middle of the speaker level with the center of the tweeter. Zu use a closed cell foam but I chose an open cell melamine foam so not to affect the cabinet volume. He also said to glue a 1" dowel between the FRD and tweeter and the back of the speaker box. The internal damping I used is the same as Zu use on the Superfly, it's a waterbased damping paint, I applied 2 coats, about 1/8" thick. Simple tweaks but a bit ddly, especially cutting the foam.

As I used the new HO FRD from the Superflys I had to add a 10 ohm Duelund resistor insted of the 12ohm of the Druid.

Hope this helps
Can't speak for the Superfly which should only be better, but two of my friends bought the Zu Omens on my recommendation, and one happily replaced her Dali floorstanders with Zu Omens, and another replaced his Vandersteens with the Zu Omens. He told another person here in Tucson about the Omens, and he happily replaced his expensive Sonus Fabers with the Zu Omens. I am still happily using my Zu Druids and am keeping them since I had them painted piano black and put granite bases on them.
I had opportunity to listen to my Zu Druids alongside some Zu Omen Speakers that had not been broken in yet. At this premature comparison, I found the Omens to have a presentation that is in a slightly clearer and slightly less euphonic direction than the Zu Druids. The Omens are still warm, and have a little more bass presentation, yet their tonal picture seemed to be a little less warm and more airy than the slightly more 'tubey' sounding druids.

In all fairness, much of this may go out the window as the Omen's break in and the gap closes as the Omen's warm up. However, I suspect much of the difference however small it is, will remain.